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I was raised in San Antonio, Texas, then attended Texas A&M University in College Station for my undergraduate degree and all of the enriching non-academic "other education" that being an Aggie involves. I spent a summer as a College Program intern with Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I then moved to Austin in 1996 where I spent the next ten years in a variety of roles with companies including Dell, Four Seasons Hotels, and AT&T Wireless spanning sales, customer service, and tech support. Then, in a twist of fate that would change my future path, I became a case manager for an established local Social Security disability attorney.

It was this valuable experience that showed me the seriously under-served need for Social Security disability representation, and led me to attend Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in Ft. Worth, now Texas A&M School of Law. Since becoming licensed to practice in 2010, I have exclusively represented disability claimants through the SSA's administrative process. 

Outside of business hours, I volunteer with an amazing therapeutic horse riding program for children facing physical or emotional challenges called "H.E.L.P."  If you live in Austin and are interested in participating with this program as a volunteer or client, please contact Stephanie at:   https://www.helpcenterofaustin.org/ 

I also sing recreationally whenever I can-- but rest assured I certainly will not be quitting my day job. I further love supporting  Austin's live musicians, eating tacos & sushi--preferably on a sunny patio,  recharging at Barton Springs and Deep Eddy,  escaping periodically to the beach, and rescuing Weimaraners. 

Peace of Mind


Navigating the Social Security Administration disability process can be confusing, overwhelming, and exhausting. Especially when you are dealing with your own catastrophic health problems. SSA has its own terms and regulations for what they mean by "disabled."  Filing for SSA disability or SSI without a representative can feel like playing a frustrating, cruel game where you really don't understand the rules, but where the outcome will seriously affect your life!

Under the SSA disability or SSI program, a non-blind person "may" be deemed disabled only if their medical limitations precluded them from being able to sustain a job earning $1170 per month in gross wages  in 2018. Now in 2019 that limit is $1220 per month. Further, this medical inability to sustain "substantially gainful" work must last longer than 12 continuous months, or be likely to end in death. 

This is quite different from what a private long or short term disability provider may mean by "disabled" in their policies, and it is also different from what the Veterans Administration means for its disability benefits for those injured through military service. Additionally, there are non-medical technicalities affecting whether or not a person can even file a claim with the SSA, regardless of their health. 

 Although each claim is different, the entire SSA process-- which typically involves several levels of denials, appeals, and eventually a hearing before an administrative law judge-- can take over two years. For many people, at such a difficult personal time, this is simply more than they can cope with on their own. An experienced representative can help to lift this weight off of your shoulders.

Personal, Compassionate Attention to Your Disability Claim


There are many options available when seeking a SSA disability claim representative. Everyone is different, and should choose what makes them feel comfortable. But one of the biggest concerns I hear from new clients is that, although big firms have big resources & fancy advertisements, many people don't want to feel like just a file number with a large, impersonal, national company--talking to someone new, in a call center queue, every time they call in to discuss their claim. Having myself worked before with companies like that, I completely understand. 

When I am your attorney, you will be working directly with me. I personally handle your claim. I, or my personal assistant will personally keep you updated with not just your claim's status, but also with what to expect, through every stage of the process.  After more than 9 years experience helping disabled Texans win approval for their benefits, I have seen firsthand how disadvantaged an unrepresented claimant can be facing this process. Why go through this alone? 

If you have filed for Social Security disability in Austin, Waco, San Angelo, Bryan/College Station, San Antonio or any of their surrounding areas, contact me for a free initial phone consultation. 

Attorney fees are 100% contingent upon being approved for your benefits, so there is no risk or up-front costs of any kind to you. 

While I cannot represent every claimant I meet with, or promise anyone a particular result, if I do represent you in your claim, I will deal (as much as possible) with the SSA, so you can focus on your family and your health.  Let's discuss your situation!  

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